Saturday, May 5, 2018

Out on the weekend ...

Often on a weekend, I'm out in our white station wagon gathering bush mulch which has flowed down the river, then washed up on our local beach. Mixed with seaweed, it's great on our garden (but I keep it from the young plants). With the CD selection in the car, it's usually Neil Young's Harvest album playing. The song 'Out on the Weekend' strikes the right tone (except gardening is not a money-making venture - yet):
See the lonely boy, out on the weekend
Trying to make it pay
Today, I had no car - someone had borrowed it. But I was still scavenging organic matter for our garden. Being autumn, this time it was fallen leaves in the gutters around our streets - some had composted to black. With wheelbarrow, spade and rake - it was three wheelbarrow-fulls for the compost.

Like any good permaculture principle, this is serving multiple purposes - well, two anyway. It gets some nourishment into the garden, while also clearing the gutters of debris that could clog the drains and increase surface flooding in heavy rain. It's not much, but in our (mostly) unsustainable cities, anything that increases the level of organic living must add to the mix in a healthy way.

This song and blog dedicated to my wife, who is usually out harvesting the internet:
The woman I'm thinking of, she loved me all up
But I'm so down today
She's so fine, she's in my mind
I hear her callin'

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