Sunday, June 24, 2018

Signs of the times - or reading too much into it?

The thing about a personal blog is you can put 'way out ideas' out there, and then just leave them posed as questions.

I'm not usually one for getting gushy over other people's babies (I'm a guy after all), and all babies, all people, are 'special' in some way. But I have to say I sensed there was something nationally significant about our Prime Minister giving birth to a baby while in office - especially after all fuss cause by a question last year over any plans for parenthood while in office.

And I have to say, in quiet anticipation, it felt like a 'royal baby' underway as we waited during last week - though much of the media attention was over the top. On the day the child was born, there was a rainbow over the Beehive for what seemd like most of the day, from where I was working anyway. Then, 15 minutes after the child was born, right on 5pm, a small earthquake was felt in Wellington. It was the shortest day of the year, and on the following day, the first real frost of the year - not something we see a lot in these days of warmer climates. It felt like a real winter - something I welcome in this era of climate change.

For me, it was a sign that perhaps we can turn things around - globally and nationally, with this government more committed to a low-carbon future than any previous one; and our nation making another global first with the first national leader to take maternity leave.

I also hope that the joy over this baby may translate into a recognition of the specialness of every child,  including every child on its way; and the need to protect and cherish each and every child, and ensure each and every family can bring up their children in the best possible way. A nation and a people that truely cares. Is it too much to hope for?

Jacinda Ardern and Clark Gayford really capped it off (for me) by giving their child the middle name of 'Te Aroha', encompassing the love (aroha) they'd been shown, and reflecting the mountain overlooking where Ms Ardern grew up - it's my maunga too.

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